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[CROSS-POST] Sobot's feet pictures allegedly leaked to newsplus (6) inter racial common conscience detected north sphere (7) eternal 1-san (2)

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【7】 [CROSS-POST] Sobot's feet pictures allegedly leaked to newsplus

In newsplus, anons discovered that sobot's feet may have been leaked to the internet. Investigator-san deduced some important information.
>The image was apparently made in may, which is just 2 months before kuz bought the sharty, lending credibility to this rumor. It could very well be possible (・∀・)

The image was first discovered when a strange image was uploaded to feet3d@9channel, with the caption "sobot". This simple but captivating comment stirred the imagination of many.

Sobot has not commented on this, but its likely that she will simply deny the rumor.
I am glad KNN has finally done something good for society
(Very Happy Marisa.png)

| ||  9ch......|| < !!!!
| || ロロロロロロ ||
| || ・ ・・・ ・・ ||   ,. -――┐
| || ロロロロロロ ||  /property∧_∧ < Thank you for your cooperation!
| ||/feet/ Θ||  l::::::of:::::::::(´・∀・)
| ||口口口□||  ヽ、::nssフづとノ
|ミ||====||    `~人  Y *pffsh*
 """ "" """"""" """""" """""" "" """"" """"


【8】 inter racial common conscience detected north sphere
IRCCON news with MAKEA in sphere left for cyprus, kazakh link in 2012?
Take your fucking meds retard that doesnt make any sense.
You need to be fucking shot for posting this.
Kill yourself, schizo.
Everyone, dont invstigate, this guy is just retarded
Get killed.
Fucking die.
alfIn7tkE sent from CIA

【3】 eternal 1-san
eternal 1-san

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